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Start integrating your socials to Discord. The easy way. That's DisPing.

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The ultimate multipurpose bot! (Music/Memes/Utility/Logging/Auto Mod)

Saturn AI

Ch1llDev's personal artificial intelligence assistant. Built in TypeScript and utilitzing Tensorflow.js, it helps Ch1llDev with daily tasks such as home automations, music control, reminders, and so much more.

Freeze Tag Escape

Freeze Tag Escape is a new escape/freeze tag {roblox}. Escape the many different maps without getting frozen by the tagger!

[DEMO] Roblox Videos Theater

Choose from huge selection of Cartoony Videos, Funny Shorts, and more in Roblox's Best Videos Theater. This game was made in a single day to show off Roblox's new videos.

[DEMO] Ch1ll Defense

A tower defense game where you have to protect the remaining citizens of Robloxia, an island out in the middle of nowhere.

[DEMO] Monkemania

Welcome to Monke Mania! Here, your fellow monkes are looking for bananas, and monkeing around while at it.